Everything you need to raise capital
and manage investors online


Private Label Reg. D or Reg A+ Offerings
Raise unlimited amounts with Reg. D or up to $75M from non-accredited investors with Reg A+

100% Integrated
Legal Documents, KYC/AML, Investor Accreditation, Escrow, Payments, Blockchain, we have them all.

Investor Portal
We host everything you need to start raising capital online and to mange your investors with dashboards and much more.

Use our white-label investor platform on your own domain for 6-months for under $10K with no equity ask and 100% investor ownership.


Turnkey Investor Software & Website

Our website software is compatible with any existing website, WordPress, or content management system, and 100% mobile ready. GoPublic’s seamless integration with your website adds all the functionality to process and manage investments using your domain and branding.
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Offering Documents

Our attorneys prepare the best Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) documents in the industry. Our PPM documents are expertly drafted to include appropriate disclosures ensuring your company is compliant. We also customize each PPM into a presentation deck with custom graphics and your branding resulting in a professional deck that can increase investor interest.
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Business Plans
& White Papers

Great business writing is an important key to finding success, you need a team that understands the complex nature of business writing and is capable of taking an effective and multi-faceted approach. Our team of copywriters includes dozens of business writing experts. We can write content for all size businesses, create your business plan, whitepaper and more.
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Our marketing strategies are designed uniquely based on the specific requirements of each project. We use email marketing, social media, SEO and PPC as well as unknown guerilla marketing to keep costs low and results high.
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